The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: Partners in Crime (Detection)

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My name is Chris McCloskey. I am an author, a teacher, a storyteller, and most importantly, a service dog raiser. My husband and I raise service dog puppies for their first year. 

So, it was only natural that I write stories and tell stories about my favorite friends—middle school kids and service puppies in training.

     What a good detective team! 


Raising Service Dogs

Raising service dog puppies involves taking them everywhere—to work, on the bus, to restaurants, medical appointments, and social events—so they become socialized and  confident.Then we send them back to the Service Dog Center to be professionally trained to help someone in need.

When we started raising puppies, I realized the puppies were a lot like middle school kids—funny, smart, curious, brave, and impulsive.


The Adventures of Tooten and Ter

The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Crime and A Nose for Trouble are both a series of detective adventures involving a thirteen -year-old foster kid, Terrance, and a service puppy in training, Tooten.

As Ter goes to his first foster home, he feels abandoned. Soon he realizes that the friend he needs is right there under his nose, Tooten. And so the partnership begins.

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